Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date

Well, it looks like the next kit is going to be released after 1 October, sorry DT. Not that it's probably that much of a problem 'cause although we've put great value into the kits not many people are buying them!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Candlelit Kits

'Ignite your creativity with Candlelit Kits' is our logo. Originally I was just going to call the kits, 'Fireside Kits' until Danielle Q suggested we give the kits their own individual name as we are selling other companies kits too. So....Danielle and I tossed ideas around for a while, experimenting with names until we came up with, 'Candlelit Kits'. So that's how the name came about to be!

Design Team

When we came up with the idea of starting a kit based scrapbooking business we were blessed to have a call from Christie Haywood who was interested in helping make our business a success. Christie came to us through Terry Doyle who sold her scrapbooking business in Mornington to move interstate so we owe Terry a big thanks for passing our name on to Christie. Christie brought with her the very talented Jody White who has had quite a bit of her work published. So we started out with an excellent design team of Christie and Jody. Now the story gets even more interesting....Ruey Enanoria had heard of how talented Christie and Jody were so she asked if they would be interested in scrapping with her one day. If you don't know who Ruey is then just let me tell you she has had a LOT of her layouts published and is looked up to be many well know scrapbookers. Christie and Jody, of course, jumped at the opportunity and told her about our store which she promptly looked out and sent me a beautiful email complimenting the kits. Ruey also made the suggestion that maybe another member on the Design Team would be good and that we should put out some advertising on certain sites for one. Well, we did and we had so many wonderful examples of work it was hard to chose just one but, at the moment, without any financial support we could only chose one and we were so blessed to have Danielle Quarmby apply. Danielle is such a talented scrapbooker and a photograper to boot. Danielle's work is also published regularly in many of the scrapbooking magazines. However, not only Danielle extremely versitile with her layouts but she is also fantastic at designing websites and she has played around with the home page of the site to give it the wonderful warm feeling it has. She has also designed a blog to display all the kits so please check them out at

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Thanks for dropping in to read our blog. My name is Pauline and my husband and I am the owners of Fireside Crafts. You might be asking yourself why I chose to name the business 'Fireside Crafts', well, it's really quite simple... I grew up on an apple orchard called Fireside Fruit and I guess I wanted to keep a part of my heritage alive (even though the trees were bulldozed a long time ago!). It's actually quite funny 'cause I always promised myself when I was growing up I would never marry a farmer and they were famous last words 'cause you'll never guess who I married....a farmer! With the business I'm hoping to bring you wonderful kits that are great value and will provide you with many wonderful scrapbooking pages. The other reason being that we could use the extra money living on the land.
I was starting to get disheartened about thinking such an idea would work when I got a lovely email from Ruey Enanoria letting me know she was blown away by our first kit. I think I'm going to call her Angel Ruey from now on!
Please, come and visit us at and let us be of service to you.